scanomed fejlec kutatas



Scanomed is engaged in support of research in Hungary. The success of mutual cooperation with more academic institutions is verified by the large number of national and international publications and by the active membership on Hungarian and international congresses.

Currently the major research fields are:

ScanoMed as a multimodal imaging centre takes part in European international innovative projects. Scanomed cooperates with other institutions and companies with pleasure in answering nuclear medicinal questions and solving problems. Besides these ScanoMed provides user background for its parent company (MEDISO) for the generally utilized or dedicated camera development.

ScanoMed considers its task to support young Hungarian researchers. That is why ScanoMed together with Mediso invites research applications every second year and this way the opportunity is provided for a young and talented researcher to take part in an international research project.

ScanoMed besides the above mentioned is an active member of several clinical pharmacology trials. In the near future the development of the radiochemistry unit and the establishment of the preclinical unit provides promising opportunities in the field of the innovative pharmaceutical trials.