Preklinikai Applikációs Tréning 1

Preclinical Application Training at ScanoMed Ltd. in Debrecen

24-28th October, 2016

3D tomography imaging devices have become inevitable part of the so called preclinical phase research on pets (especially mouse and rat). In the translational laboratory of ScanoMed Ltd. in Debrecen all the four 3D tomography imaging techniques are available: Mediso nanoScan PET/MRI and Mediso nanoScan SPECT/CT. 

Preklinikai Applikációs Tréning 2

At the end of October application training was held for English, French, German, Taiwanese and Hungarian participants in Budapest at our parent company Mediso site and in Debrecen in the translational laboratory of ScanoMed Ltd. During this training participants have become acquainted with basic features of imaging devices, essential calibration measurements for its functioning and biological imaging techniques. The latter focused on technical details of lung and respiratory gated measurements. 

Thanks to our foreign colleagues for participation and thanks for the trainers of their outstanding professional training!

Preklinikai Applikációs Tréning 3