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High technology in the PET-CT centre

The ScanoMed Budapest, as the first PET-CT centre of Hungary performs high quality diagnostic examinations in the modern clinical environment of the National Institute of Neuroscience (Országos Idegtudományi Intézet). As a milestone of the nuclear medicine in Hungary our centre performed the first PET-CT examination in May 2005.

The PET-CT diagnostic method is quick, accurate, safe and it does not put any burden on the patient and has no significant risks. With the information gained from these tests unnecessary and probably risky interventions (for example operations and chemotherapy) and further examinations can be avoided. In an ideal case – by choosing a new and more effective therapeutic strategy – you can save and lengthen the patients’ life and can improve the quality of life.

Thanks to the initial success from March 2006 besides the self-finenced examinations we offer examinations financed by the Health Insurance Fund (OEP) on the purpose of prevention and therapy.
The ScanoMed Budapest owns a nationwide exclusive GE DISCOVERY ST 8 PET-CT camera and thanks to the 2012 developmental project they own an equipment with VUE POINT HD technology that provides unique image quality.

Our experienced medical team contributed to the healing of 4000 patients last year and altogether to more than 20 thousand patients so far thanks to the provided diagnostic information which is crucial for designing an accurate and optimal therapeutic strategy.

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